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Serving Washington State in Pierce, Thurston, Mason & Kitsap Counties
My Rates
** Rate Changes Effective 4/7/08 **
If we already have an agreement on price, please talk to me
Trim Current Rate
Trims $ 30.00

Shoeing ( Plain & Rim's )

Half Set Shoes $ 60.00
Full Set Shoes ( Except Specialty Shoe Jobs ) $ 75.00

Shoeing ( Clipped & Specialty )

Half Set Clipped Shoes $ 70.00
Full Set Clipped Shoes $ 85.00
Specialty Shoe Jobs ( These are the shoes use that I normally carry i.e. 000, 00, 0, 1, 2 Plain &, Rims anything else is considered a Specialty Shoe ) " Please note when setting appointment if you know that it is a specialty shoe if your Vet has requested it to be done or it is normally done that way by other Shoers and what type of shoe is to be used. " Price Set At Time Of Service
Hoof Care Product's
Item Amount
Hoof Power (22 LBS Pail ) $ 67.75
Hoof Power (40 LBS Pail ) $ 122.95
Mustad Thrush Buster Small Bottle $ 14.00
Sole Pack ( Hawthorne ) 1 Small Package $ 3.00
Pad Type ( Price By Pair's ) Amount
** Please Note In Appointment Setup if Pad's are Needed ** I don't always carry these on hand. Price Set @ Shoeing
Description Amount
Emergency / Call Out Fee ( when issue is not related to work done by me or & Or it was a unscheduled call out ) $ 45.00
Farm Call ( please ask when scheduling to see if this affects you ) $ 45.00
NSF/Bad Check Fee $ 75.00
Overdue/Non-Payment Account ( Accessed Per Month on Balance Due ) 5%
Notes: For Discounts & Other Services please Contact me by Email or Phone & Pricing will be adjusted if there are 4 or more equines At a time, At the that site or Please ask me about discounting.

** Also Any Account Past due may be accessed fees and or sent to collections if no arrangements have been made. **

** Prices & Service Discounts on this page may change at any time
with or without notice, please contact for more info **
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